New Forklifts, Loaders & Excavators for Sale or Hire

We are proud to be dealers for a large for a large range of forklifts, loaders & excavators, whatever the need. 

These new quality machines are readily available for sale or hire. 

New JAC Forklifts 

New JAC forklift for sale or Hire

Brand new JAC Forklifts for sale/hire


Proven in South Africa

Excellent track record

Inexpensive Spares
Current special on our 2, 3, 4 & 5 tonners!

New Loaders/forklift trucks

New Loaders or Forklift Trucks for Sale

Brand new loaders for sale

We have available from 1 ton to 8 ton loaders

Many loader models with free forklift attachment!

New Excavators

New Excavators For Sale

Brand new excavators for sale

We have available from .8 ton to 21 ton

High quality excavators at affordable prices!